Currently, Jim has eight commercial recordings available.

Nordic Journey 7

Nordic Journey, Volume VII
(available from Pro Organo)

Recorded in Nidaros Cathedral, Norway, the spiritual heart of that country, Nordic Journey, Volume VII features the three organs located in the world's northernmost medieval Gothic cathedral. The 156-minute double disc release includes repertoire from the time of Johann Sebastian Bach to 2017, and Jim was joined by Nordic musicians Caroline Eidsten Dahl (recorders), Helena Ek (soprano), Arnulf Johansen (oboe), and Ola Lindseth (violin) during these recording sessions.

Music performed on the 1741 Joachim Wagner organ included eighteenth century works by Ferdinand Zellbell and Peter Askergren as well as twentieth and twentieth first century compositions by John Sundberg, Patrik Vretbald, and Sven-Ingvart Mikkelsen. The new choir organ built by the Norwegian firm Torkildson was the ideal vehicle for the performance of two new ensemble works from Kjell Mørk Karlsen, while the newly restored Steinmeyer organ dating from 1930 was utilized for Romantic Era pieces by Arild Sandvold, Juhani Pohjanmies, Gottfred Pederson, and Fridthjov Anderserssen. The featured composition on Volume VII was a commissioned work from the pen of Swedish composer Fredrik Sixten: Symphonia Aurora Borealis, an epic six-movement work of 46 minutes. This symphony is very much a programatic work that is a pilgrimage all in itself, juxtaposing ancient themes and folk melodies within a complex modern sensibility.


Nordic Journey 6

Nordic Journey, Volume VI, The Music of Finland
(available from Pro Organo)

The music of Finland is the subject of Nordic Journey, Volume VI, released in September 2016. This double disc was recorded in June of the same year at two locations in Turku, the ancient capital of Finland. Disc one features the 1980 Virtanen organ of Turku Cathedral, the most historic location of the country. Two commissioned works by contemporary Finnish composers, Mauri Viitala and Santeri Siimes, plus several multi-movement, previously unknown works from the Romantic era form the basis of this part of the release. The colorful 2002 Gronlunds organ at St. Michael's, Turku was the perfect vehicle for a program of smaller works of contrasting styles, including the four organ compositions of Jack Mattsson, a transcription of a work by Jean Sibelius, and two pieces by St. Michael's organist Marko Hakanpää.

Jim promoted Nordic Journey, Volume VI in New Zealand, northern Europe and the United States throughout 2016.


Nordic Journey 5

Nordic Journey, Volume V, Many Landscapes
(available from Pro Organo)

From the Faroe Islands to Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, Nordic Journey, Volume V explores the Many Landscapes of the northern world. This double cd was released in September, 2015, being the premiere recording of the 2013 Tostareds organ at Kalmar Cathedral, Kalmar, Sweden. The sumptuous acoustics of this sacred space, combined with this organ's many tonal possibilities, provides the perfect vehicle for exploring many previously unrecorded compositions from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Several of the works found in this collection were composed specifically for this project: Nordic Fanfare—Fredrik Sixten (Sweden), Toccata Grande II—Kjell Mørk Kalsen (Norway), Summer Fantasy—Sven-Invart Mikkelsen (Denmark), Dalecarlian Pictures—Nils Lindberg (Sweden), Toccata XIII—Thomas Åberg (Sweden), and Intermezzo—Pauli í Sandageroi (the Faroe Islands).

For more about Nordic Journey, Volume V, watch here.


Nordic Journey 4

Nordic Journey, Volume IV
(available from Pro Organo)

In this fourth CD in the Nordic Journey series, American organist James D. Hicks records a program of contemporary organ music from 20th and 21st century composers from the Nordic nations.  The organ is the 1898 Åkerman and Lund organ, restored in 1898 by Harrison and Harrison, and most recently in 2009 by Åkerman and Lund, in the Cathedral of Våsteräs, Sweden.

For more about Nordic Journey, Volume IV, watch here.


Nordic Journey, Volume III
(available from Pro Organo)

In this third release in the NORDIC JOURNEY series, American organist James D. Hicks explores music inspired by Nordic folk melodies.  This disc contains premiere recordings of several works by 20th-century Swedish composers, as well as new composers who are active today, including Fredrik Sixten and Mårten Jansson.  Performed upon the neo-classic inspired 1964 Andersen organ.

For more about Nordic Journey, Volume III watch here.


Nordic Journey II

Nordic Journey, Volume II
(available from Pro Organo)

The musical exploration of northern climes continues with Nordic Journey, Volume II, The Nordic Symphonic Tradition.  This disc continues the series by featuring late-Romantic repertoire of the early twentieth-century.  Recorded on the historic organ of St. Johannes' Church, Malmö in August 2013, the church's Åkerman & Lund instrument, originally built in 1908 and restored in 2008, is an ideal vehicle for the performance of this repertoire. 

Researched over the course of over two years, the disc includes several world premiere performances of unpublished music in a program that demonstrates the Nordic affinity for drama and lyric expression.

For more about Nordic Journey, Volume II watch here.


Nordic Journey
(available from Pro Organo)

On a two-disc set, organist James D. Hicks performs Romantic and Modern organ works of Nordic composers on the 1929 E.A. Setterquist and Son organ at Linköping Cathedral in Linköping, Sweden. The works performed will likely be unfamiliar to even the most seasoned listener; Several premiere recordings are included.


American Classic Fantastic!
(available from James D. Hicks)

James D. Hicks plays a unique mix of American 20th-century literature, most of it unknown to both the novice and to organ professionals. There are many great "finds" in this program, played upon the recently restored Austin organ, Opus 2234A, in the Presbyterian Church of Morristown, New Jersey.


Other Recordings (not available on commercial discs)

"Scottish Air-I Will Go To Kintail," arr. Hicks

"Macrimmon's Lament/Highland Cathedral," arr. Hicks

"Epilogue," Fredrik Sixten
ecorded live at Princeton Chapel, Princeton, New Jersey

"Variations for Organ," Fredrik Sixten
ecorded live at Princeton Chapel, Princeton, New Jersey

"Partita for English Horn and Organ," Jan Koetsier
Recorded in the Chapel of the Presbyterian Church in Morristown, New Jersey

"Adagio in G minor for Strings and Organ," Tomaso Albinoni
Recorded in the Chapel of the Presbyterian Church in Morristown, New Jersey

"Concert Piece," Flor Peeters
Recorded at Woolsey Hall, Yale University

"Elegiac Dance," James D. Hicks

"The Vikings," Arthur Wills
Recorded at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, New York City, New York


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